Encore Esthetics
John B. from Yelp!:
Monica is a phenomenal esthetician and Encore Esthetics is a the premier business in Anchorage! Both myself and wife were treated to the hydrafacial/microdermabrasion and the micropeel. Without a doubt the cleanest and freshest my face/skin has ever felt. That vortex hydra facial machine is crazy, in what it can pull out of your skin. Of course under the control of an expert operator in Monica. Monica is a not just a unbelievable esthetician but has the ability to put you at ease with her professional knowledge, skill, personal attention and spa ambiance. The experience was far beyond my expectations and I am grateful to have had Monica work on both myself and wife. We look forward to visiting with her again soon! We recommend to any and all. 5-star plus...you will not be disappointed! Enjoy.
Rachel Kemp from Facebook:
I have been seeing Monica for over 10 years, she is the best! I recommend all of her services!
Stephanie P. from Yelp!:
Encore Esthetics is everything the most stylish woman will need to look and feel her best! After receiving exceptional skin care services today, I'm giving Monica a 5 star rating for her fresh approach on feminine beauty. I appreciate the depth of knowledge she shares while I'm receiving services that I haven't experienced with other day spas. Thank you Monica for turning a few spare moments of my day into a relaxing getaway and stocking product essentials that I can't live without!
Jennifer B. from Facebook:
This was my first time at Encore, my first HydraFacial. Very cozy, beautiful decorated, and very comfortable. I could sit in that chair for hours. HydraFacial is the best Facial I've ever had. I would recommend to everyone! Monica is so friendly and knowledgeable. She has a great selection of products, I can't wait to try out my hair product samples and after that make up. Absolutely had a really great "me time" and my skin has never looked better. Thank you!!!!
Chris M. from Yelp!:
I've been getting facials for the past 18 years & Monica is hands down the best in Anchorage! Love the hydra facial!!
Kelly C. from Facebook:
Monica is the best Esthetian in town! She educates you on your skin, advises the best skin care for you: she makes you feel like you are her top priority!
Anastasia G. from Facebook:
The owner is truly a gem! I am thankful this lovely, cozy place is so close to me & whatever I need is always in stock (especially since I wait till the very last bit of makeup is all I have left)!
Stephanie S. from Yelp!:
This review is glowing and my skin is too. I've been relying on Monica for fifteen years and she never fails to delight me! I have tricky sensitive skin and used to get cystic acne (the really painful kind that lasts for months and produces huge red bumps) on my chin. Monica used the BioLight Facial to beat that grossness into nice smooth skin that regularly gets me compliments. The new HydraFacial is also amazing, but a big part of the amazement is Monica's technique. She is well-versed in the science and intended use of the HydraFacial system. You won't get the same benefits at the gym where HydraFacial is given with less time and less-experienced estheticians. Why shortchange yourself?!?
Monica's other services are just as excellent. She's known as the Eyebrow Goddess due to her exemplary waxing techniques. My eyebrows are always perfect and I never get ingrown hairs or irritated skin; she does great tinting too, so my eyebrows are emphasized but still natural-looking. She also provides eyelash tinting which means no clumsy and clumpy mascara for me (though she does sell the Jane Iredale cosmetics line which includes top-quality mascara)!
True story: I had some cystic acne scars and wanted them reduced for my upcoming wedding. Monica provided microdermabrasion that made those scars fade. She also kept me from breaking out even in the midst of wedding madness (and a stressful teaching job).
True story: after major surgery, I woke up in the recovery room to a nurse (a lovely person) wiping my face. I asked for Monica (even though the nurse was wonderful). Yep, while heavily sedated. Facial care just means Monica to me.
While looking great is certainly one big reason I see Monica, It's not all about appearance. The appearance of acne is indeed distressing and being unable to get it under control is definitely frustrating. However, keep in mind that acne is an infection. For me, it was a painful one. A painful infection is cause for intervention. Monica provides effective intervention!
You won't find a better skincare professional. Kind, cheerful, and genuinely caring. I'm not her only looong-time client either. Think about it. A professional that people have preferred for over a decade--that kind of loyal following is created through consistent excellence. Want in? Text her: 907-244-6022.
Beth C. from Facebook:
Monica is the best in town! I have been to several estheticians with several bad experiences. I highly recommend all of her services (and products). Her new location is very clean, relaxing and comfortable!
Jill L. from Yelp!
Hands down the best esthetician I have ever been to. I went to Monica for the last 4 of the 5 years I lived in Anchorage. Now that I've moved away I wish I could make a monthly flight there to have her do my waxing, lash and brow tint and hydrafacial/microdermabrasion. She is amazing! A wonderful, funny and talented woman whom I dearly miss! You will not regret going to Monica. I only wish she would fly to SD to take care of my skin now!
Crissy G. from Facebook:
It is not often I find such comfort and expertise as I found I found in the skills and abilities of Monica. She is professional in her approach and pays attention to technique and detail. I have no reservations recommending her services and I would be surprised if someone who uses Monica is not totally satisfied. I love Monica!!!!
Angie M. from Yelp!
Updating my review to 5 starts because truly Monica of Encore Esthetics is just all kinds of awesome. In fact I have taken to calling her Wonder Woman because she has saved my skin already on more than one occasion. Not to mention she takes the time to explain things to you and not rush you out. Education is key when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and Monica shares her profound depth of knowledge willingly.
I have finally found my one stop shop for all skin care needs. Thanks Monica!
Shay M. from Facebook:
I am 47 years old, I've always taken pretty good care of my skin and used good products. A few years ago Monica encouraged me to try the Repechage Skin Care line and Jane Iredale make-up line. I absolutely love the products and would never consider using anything else! I live in Colorado and am regularly exposed to the sun and elements at such a high elevation. So, I finally took a few well deserved days off and flew out to Anchorage to get some pampering from Monica. She performed a hydra facial on my face, neck, chest, shoulders, back, and on the back of my hands. My skin has never felt more nourished and refreshed! Monica was so informative and patient with all of my questions, she never tried to up-sell me anything - I couldn't get enough!!! Seriously, when I saw the immediate difference on my face, I just kept asking for more. I had been experiencing itching on my shoulders and back for a long time, but since the hydra facial the itching has completely stopped. I highly recommend Monica at Encore Esthetics for all of your skin care needs!!!

I have been an esthetician since 2000 working in one of Anchorage's premier day spas. Through inspiration and encouragement of many, I decided to take on the challenge of opening my own business. Here at Encore Esthetics, my clients will find the same commitment to excellence that I have always prided myself on, the sincerity, and of course the whimsical stories of everyday life.

I know that health and beauty go hand in hand. It has always been my goal to stay up to date on the latest health and beauty advancements and technology.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Encore Esthetics is to inspire guests through education while providing the ultimate facial experience and visible results; where they can reach their goals and achieve the very best in skincare. -"Your Skin's Standing Ovation"